Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 27, 2012

Rugs around the house… at Sarah’s

Old Fashioned Floral hooked by Odell Rose Moore.

I’ve always admired Sarah Province’s mother’s rugs; the big squares with vivid roses and golden leafy surrounds, all done in recycled wool. There is a bigger version of this rug in Sarah’s rug studio.

E.S.Frost & Co pattern

Also in the studio is an old Frost Pattern mounted on a frame above the sewing machine.
The roses are beautifully coloured in; no need to hook this beauty!

‘Rose Squares’, hooked by Sarah Province, design by Laura Pierce

Sarah hooked the roses and tulips in ‘Rose Squares’ a pattern I designed in 2011. It’s a scrap rug, and Sarah and her scraps make a marvelous and cheerful rug!


  1. Laura, the rugs look great, thanks to your wonderful photography! Good memories of you being in our home and a time of sharing our love of the art of rug hooking! Thanks for your blog! Sarah

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