Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 19, 2012

Scissor Fobs for the WCRH Harvest Hook-in!

8 scissor fobs ready for the WCRH Harvest Hook-in.

Late in August, a group of WCRH guild members gathered at Tierra Cast to make 100 Scissor Fobs to give away at our WCRH Harvest Hook-in! Yes, we’re giving each person who attends a little gift which will include a beautiful scissor fob. Thanks to the generosity of China and Steve, we made our selves comfortable with all the sample beads and Tierra Cast connectors, parts and ornaments and had big fun creating little scissor fobs.

Judy Cortez shows Judy S and Chris a beading technique.

from left; Judy S, Judy C and Chris. It was great having 2 jewelry experts in our WCRH guild; they answered our questions and got us started with little felted balls. We stuffed a little wire through the felt ball, then twisted the wire over this way, then that way and around, to create the little hanger to connect with. Our first fobs all featured the felted ball dangle.

Dawn Barbour shows Martha and Mary Ann connecting technique

from left; Martha, Dawn and Mary Ann. There were lots of beads, cast metal embellishments, connectors and wired scissor connectors; we just had to combine them as we pleased. there were various tools to use; from wire snippers to needle nose pliers to flat pliers. It was great having the supplies and the right tools!

I hope you can join us October 27, 2012 in Petaluma, CA for the WCRH Harvest Hook-in! check out our webpage for information about registering and ordering lunch…
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