Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 16, 2012

My Friend Margaret in Frederick, Maryland

Margaret Beardsley with 3 of her rugs

Before traveling to Cape May Rug Camp, Sarah and I visited my friend Margaret! ‘Marge’ and I are friends since meeting at Wine Country Rug Hookers in Sonoma County, California. When Marge came to her first meeting, she was crocheting a faux fringe onto her big beautiful red oriental! We were all impressed and amazed by this Minnesota Rughooker!

After Marge’s California adventure, she moved to Frederick, MD so that she could be closer to her daughters. It was wonderful to visit with Marge and meet her friend, JoAnn. We also saw a bit of Frederick, a beautiful old town with narrow streets and many historic buildings. There were many churches, beautiful little shops, and an Art Gallery/Shop/School.

‘Stone Wall with Flowers’ hooked by Margaret Beardsley

I don’t know the name or the designer of this rug, but wanted to share it with you. It was fun to see many new rugs Marge that has been creating lately!

Church in Frederick, Maryland

We went downtown for lunch at the ‘Tasting Room’ and parked across the street from this beautiful church with red doors; I had to snap a photo! The ambiance and service at the ‘Tasting Room’ was divine… and our hamburgers were delicious!I’d certainly like to spend more time in Frederick, MD!

Trees along the pond at Hallowood

After our visit, Sarah took the back way home and stopped by Hallowood Retreat and Conference Center to show me this beautiful facility where she runs a Retreat for Rug Artists, twice a year! I missed a chance to take a photo of Sarah and her beautiful rug that hangs in the main entrance of the Retreat Center. I’m hoping to attend a retreat one of these times and then I’ll get that photo!

Beautiful clouds over the pond at Hallowood

I really enjoy seeing the big puffy clouds; especially with clean blue skys! They are a rarity in California. This photo could be inspiration for a ‘Show us your Colour’ rug if you live in Maryland. Is this a Maxwell Parish sky?



  1. I’m planning on attending this retreat. Do you know when you will be going? I can not attend the one this fall but maybe the one she has in the spring(?).

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