Posted by: Laura Pierce | August 29, 2012

Redwood Avenue of the Giants August 2012

Eel River View

Soon after you head south on Hwy 1 from Rio Dell and Scotia, you come to a ‘View Pull Over’, so i do. I think Truckers use this spot for a nap; there’s always a truck parked here. Not only do you get a lovely view of the Eel River, but the Redwood Forest and the beginnings of the ‘Avenue of the Giants’. The next turn off is the first of many exits for the Avenue of the Giants.

Redwoods and beyond, posterized to 5 colours

The Anise plants are blooming this time of year and add their wonderful Yellow!

South Eel River

The South Eel River meanders through the redwoods, and we get a nice peak at the big turns. The air quality is compromised by several fires in the area.

Redwoods near the Eel River

Just before the Avenue of the Giants ran out, we stopped to see the redwoods up close. There were just a few along with a trail down to the Eel River. i love that smell of sand and river…

gravel bar and valley of Eel River near Garberville, CA

We tried skipping a few rocks on the river, but were unsuccessful… it was hard to find flat rocks. it gets hot, so we head back for the redwoods.

Redwood branches high up the tree

We explored about the redwood forest under the dense canopy. We came to a wide wash with a bay tree laying on its side, having been washed away from the bank, but hanging onto life with green leaves.

Burnt redwood stump

a reminder of the fire that roared through the area several decades ago, the burnt stump is surrounded by new growth. The road between Petaluma and Ferndale is Hwy 101 and a beautiful drive. The more people i share it with, the more fun memories are made and remembered.



  1. Thanks again Laura. Now I’ve got to figure out how to posterize!

  2. Laura – It is such a pleasure reading your blog – the pictures, descriptions, rugs – all very inspiring – I miss attending the guild and your classes

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