Posted by: Laura Pierce | August 24, 2012

Another trip to Ferndale

Hill side view of downtown Ferndale

It’s not your typical view, but it gives you a good lay of the land… stretching out for miles on the Eel River delta to the Ocean. Lots of dairy farms and a little town of it’s people. Ferndale is off the main road and hasn’t had to adjust to modern highways. there are no traffic lights in this town.

Ferndale Cemetary on the hill

I’ve seen this cemetary on each trip to Ferndale, and this time, I took a closer look! With my friend, Peggy Northrop, we walked up the hill and enjoyed the view that the generous souls provided it’s visitors. it was very peaceful and seemed a lovely resting spot.

Ferndale Cemetary behind the church

So many families are here; Ferndale folk from over the years.

back yard near downtown Ferndale

We parked downtown and checked out a couple of stores; the Foggy Bottom Yarns shop and the Ferndale Emporium. then we checked the menu at the Victorian Inn Restaurant and continued around the block. One block off Main Street and it seems very residential.

Grand Victorians on Birding Street

The Orange Ginger Bread Victorian has rooms to let; it’s been being restored for the little while. Perhaps more of the beautiful Victorians are Bread & Breakfasts.

Trimmed hedges and comfortable cottages

It looks like a charming neighborhood with it’s tidy yards and pretty painted homes.

Backyard parking without dog

… don’t ya think that parking lot needs an old black dog? well, i liked the architecture, the roof lines, the metal garage, the hills in the background. The town backs up to a big hill, a mountain maybe. the road turns right at the end of town and sends you on to the ‘lost coast’.
Ferndale does have a website;  Ferndale, CA, check it out!


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