Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 15, 2012

Other gems from Western 2012

Madam Monet design by Jane Flynn hooked by Brigitta Phy

Wow! Monday morning we were treated to Brigitta’s ‘Show and Tell’;  a hooked version of ‘Madam Monet’. It’s always lucky to get your ‘show and tell’ or teaching project on Monday… then you don’t have to worry very long about how it will go. it always goes well… but we do worry. that nervous tension is very common in the performance professions… it keeps you on your toes! and teaching rug hooking is a performance amoungst other things.

Begin the Begin design by Chizuko Hayami hooked by Janet McLean

It’s always nice to see your students from the previous year show the rug they started in your class. thanks to Janet and Chizuko… I love the ‘Glow’ in this rendition.

Basket Weave design by Jane Flynn hooked by Lynne Howard

Lynne added some nice colour to her version of ‘Basket Weave’.

The Fish and the Pond with 3 Sunflowers

The Fish are fabulous! design by Soo H. Choi, hooked by Lynn Roth. The Sunflowers were taught by Suzi Jones last year and were hooked by 3 of our new seniors; Brigitta Phy, Wendy Brannan and Susan Kleidon; they get to teach next year!

Focus designed and hooked by Michele Wise

I would call this the catch… but he hasn’t caught the ball yet! Lot’s of expectation in this rug and he’s keeping his eye on the ball!

Chris Ward demo’s rug hooking at the WTW 2012 Rug Show

Chris Ward taught the Juniors about putting on a rug show this year. It’s an awesome responsiblity… putting the rug show together in a morning. Chris and her 3 juniors did just that! They knew they would hang the show by the ‘colour method’ so they asked us all to drop our rugs off in the correct colour pile. That saved their small team an hour of sorting; it also made us all think about what our rug’s colour was… interesting!

Chris is demo’ing on her project from my class and that makes me happy!

Circle of Croton design by Corinne Bridge hooked and taught by Laura Pierce

I was nervous about my teaching piece; I was supposed to hook it ‘Dark and Primitive’. Once i found out what Croton looked like, i had to hook it COLOURFUL! i thought about changing it into a round rug, but the Croton were more oval. Then i decided to make it into a ‘shaped’ rug; something i’ve always wanted to do. i filled in the deep corners and rolled forward the edge. it was not difficult at all. The surprising thing was that my students all got a smaller version of the rug I hooked! The Crotons may come back as pillows next year!



  1. Love the crotons! And they are such colorful plants, they should be hooked in bright and happy colors.

  2. Laura, Do you have a registration for LIttle River Rug School on here? I couldn’t find it, and realize that I don’t have one. Perhaps I filled it out when we were there last year. Anyway, I don’t have any of the details, cost, what I’ve paid, etc. I rec’d a note from Tanya, my teacher, so I know that I’m included. Are you filled now? Hope all is well. Sarah

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