Posted by: laurawp | July 12, 2012

Silver Anniversary at Western

June Bouquet design by Jane Flynn hooked by Gail Becker

25 years at Western = a Silver Anniversary; why not make the vase silver? That’s what Gail thought as she worked out her assignment to teach this ‘June Bouquet’. I think she did a wonderful job with the reflections of colourful pedals, the light glinting off the curve of the silver vase! Gail is teaching at Little River Inn Rug Camp this coming November 4-9. Let me know if you’d like to join her class!
Here is the registration form: 2012 LRI rugcamp reg

Monrovian Love Feast design by Jane Flynn hooked by Katie Rainwater

Katie Rainwater had that same idea about the Silver Anniversary… let’s make that candle holder and mug silver! She did get that glow going; even the bun has a glow! Katie had watercolours and coloured pencils for those of us that wanted to play with the colour plan before taking hook in hand. An excellent class, I can attest.

Amber Fruit design by Jane Flynn hooked by Wendy Halsall

Wendy Halsall also thought about the Silver Anniversary and transformed her pottery into silver containers; her’s with fruit all around. Wendy was not interested in putting in purple grapes… green grapes were her choice. It all made for a sort of monochromatic green colour plan with a few orange-red flowers and fruits. A complimentary colour plan actually!

All 3 classes were popular, Thursday was a good day for teaching and learning.


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