Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 10, 2012

Anne Jeter at Western Teachers’ Workshop

Special Artist at WTW 2012 Rugshow – Anne Jeter

We celebrated our Silver Anniversary at Western Teachers’ Workshop this past June! Anne Jeter started it back in 1987, because there was nothing like it on the West Coast. ‘Western’, as we like to call it, is very special in that Western way; comfortable and welcoming. Anne retired from running Western but continues to come and help as needed. She can be found here or there, working on a pattern that needs to be finished.

Fletcher Frost designed by Pearl McGown hooked by Anne Jeter

This Anne’s latest finished rug and it has all that lovely colour she likes to use. Bright intense red roses and every other colour in the flowers, leaves and background.

David hooked by Anne Jeter

This past April, I was invited to teach Portraits in Salem, OR, at Anne’s place. She worked on this beautiful portrait of her grandson, David. She had a good palette of skin tones, but was anxious to add some colour to the portrait. I think she really captured David’s likeness!



  1. Laura, what a lovely picture of Anne Jeter and her hookings! I am so glad that I got to know her last year at Little River. That “Fletcher Frost” is lovely- her colors are fabulous! And her portrait !!! wow! I could hope to be doing such outstanding work!! Sarah

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