Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 6, 2012

Heading home from Cambria

Farm outside Harmony, CA

We heard about this cool little town just south of Cambria off Hwy 1; called Harmony. It’s off to the left as you head south, and just an small section of the old road.

Harmony, CA – population 18

it wasn’t quite 10am yet… and not much was stirring in Harmony. Sun was shining on the golden hills, a young mother with a baby on her hip was tending a luscious vegetable garden… out back.

Pottery Shop Garden Entrance – Harmony CA

we walked by the Pottery Shop, around the back of the Creamery Building, next to a creek. Looked like the shaded patio can be serviced by a beer or wine hall in the back.

Eric Dandurand at the Harmony Glassworks

we wandered down the street to the Harmony Glassworks Gallery & Studio; a feast of colourful blown glass is featured in the show room while a group of glass workers were engaged in that careful dance around the glass furnace and equipment. A well behaved chihuahua was part of the group; it seemed very home grown.

Harmony Valley Creamery Ass’n

As we headed back to the car, we noticed the heart shaped bush on the side of the Creamery.

Morro Bay from Hwy 46

Finally we headed back to Hwy 46 towards Paso Robles to catch Hwy 101 north. It’s a big climb up the coastal hills, where the view extendes both ways up and down the coast. We enjoy the last view of the Pacific Ocean and say good bye to Cambria Pines Rug Camp until next year!


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