Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 5, 2012

Summertime Rugs

Antique Rug brought by Pat Stangeland, Photo by Lloyd Heinze

We all enjoyed seeing this sweet little rug at the Cambria Pines Rug Show; Pat Stangeland found it in a shop up in Washington State and was kind enough to bring it for all to admire. i think Eric said this braided edge is called a ‘dust ruffle’ as it goes from dark to grey. i was glad to see the tappered edges in the braiding as opposed to ‘butted braids’. i could add a braided edge in the tappered method.

Chicken Rug by Jane Santucci at Marin County Fair

My mother, Emma Webber, friends, Cathy Kelly and Christine Gellately and I demonstrated Rug Hooking at the Marin Fair yesterday; we were delighted to see this rug in the show. Jane Santucci won a blue ribbon and the Marin Needle Arts Special Award with her rug… we agree! The colours in the braid compliment the hooked Chicken perfectly! It also has a tappered edge in the braided border.

Nostolgia rug by Lynn Roth at Western Teachers Workshop

This photo was taken by my friend, Gail Becker, last week when we were in Eugene Oregon for the Western Teachers’ Workshop Conference! I’m sitting at the WTW Rug Show in front of a showcased rug designed and hooked by Lynn Roth. Lynn is from Alberta and always brings innovative rugs to the show. Along with the ‘scrap squares’ that create the landscape, there are ‘Proddy flowers’ edging the scene. It’s always a great week spent with Rug Hooking Teachers primarily from the western states and provinces. The creative sharing of our classes, ‘show and tells’ and Rug Show are a yearly tradition.



  1. Laura, Just like being there! What are you working on? Looks interesting and pretty! Sarah

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