Posted by: Laura Pierce | June 17, 2012

Fathers and family

Will and Kirby hooked portrait by Laura Pierce

this portrait rug is from a favourite photograph taken on a great car trip to my home town in Canada, in 1988. my Webber family lived there from 1953 to 1961, in Terrace, BC, and our neighbors, Aileen and Floyd Frank, were celebrating their 50th anniversary. It was a great excuse to show my Pierce family the beauty of British Columbia, a rain forest province!

Kirby and Emmy – the 1st year

We became parents in April 1977 and settled down to family life. Kirby really enjoyed being a Dad!

My father and Emmy – 1st grandchild

Shortly after Emmy was born, we moved into a little house 2 doors down from my folks. Emmy spent many fun hours with her grandparents who adored her! This photograph is from the time that my father was rebuilding the back porch. Emmy was out there with him, dancing to the sound of the saw, so naturally i had to take a few photos. I love this photo!

Me and my Dad around 1979

Naturally, I love this photo too… my Dad didn’t put his arm around me that many times in his life. Giving my folks their only grandchildren was a good thing!

Kirby plays checkers with his Dad at Myrtle Beach, SC

Kirby developed a love of games, socializing and food nurtured by his Dad; we talk about him often during particularly yummy meals!

WV Pierce with Grandpa Lyons

Kirby’s father with one of his adoring grandpa’s around 1909.

WH Sloan and Mabel

My Grandmother Mabel with her Dad, probably around 1894, in Cincinnati, OH.

Happy Father’s Day!



  1. It was so nice to see your tribute to Fathers Day, Laura. Great photos of your family and ancestors.

  2. Laura, It gave me a chill seeing these lovely family photos. What wonderful memories. I especially like the one of you and your Dad and Emmy and your Dad. Thank you for sharing.

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