Posted by: Laura Pierce | June 11, 2012

A great week at Cambria Pines Rug Camp 2012

Gene Shepherd and Eric Sandberg – guys in plaid

I reached for my camera because of those guys in plaid; Gene and Eric were relaxing on Thursday afternoon. Gene had just taken a couple of videos of his camp teachers; Pris Buttler and Diane Phillips. Pris, Diane and Eric were all in the Ballroom and we all enjoyed the 3 classes there. Elizabeth Black was back in her upstairs classroom, Gene was downstairs in the Sycamore classroom and Brigitta Phy taught a ‘Beginner’ class in Woodrose.

Diane Phillips with some of her rugs

Diane, Eric and Pris decided to each give a small lecture to all 3 classes; which was a real treat!

Klimt inspired woman by Pris Buttler

Pris Buttler’s class was impressive as most of the students really delved into the world of Klimt. Many students started with a small Pris Buttler design while others used their own designs… and all interpreted them in their own way.

Dachshund on a Rug by Pat Merikallio

I was doubly happy; sitting next to Pat Merikallio and taking Eric Sandberg’s class. They both taught me about ‘Light, Bright, Dark and Dull’ and ‘Contrast’! I guess I really rely on intuition alot and am not always sure why things work or don’t work. Pat and I laughed about her little rug and my big rug… it was the big switcheroo! I am very excited about my big rug; it’s going to be a very fun long hook with lots of little vignettes throughout.

Dear friends – Rosalind and Annie

There were lots of friends at camp, as usual. Rosalind and Annie were in Diane’s class, as were several friends from Oregon. Gail Becker, Kathy and Larry Clark were in the back of Diane’s class near our class. The big room was the place to be!

Gail Becker with her happy grand-dog in progress



  1. Love all the wonderful designs. So much talent! Whoh is me!!!

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