Posted by: Laura Pierce | May 30, 2012

Following the action with my new camera

Leaders of the Amgen pack on Sonoma Coast Hwy

Finally! they appear! We’ve gotten together before the road closures… noshed on some yummy wraps and sipped some fine wine…
We’ve assembled on the side of Hwy 1 with our lawn chairs, noise makers and cameras for the big (quick) event! We’ve seen Highway Patrol cars, motorcycles, and scads of puzzled motorists cruising up and down Hwy 1. and then!
they start to appear… official Highway Patrol Cars with flashing lights,
the ‘Leaders of the Amgen Pack’,
doubled up motorcyclists video-taping the race,
support vehichles with lots of bicycles on their roofs…

2012 Amgen Leaders on Hwy 1

They’re traveling fast! i was following them with my new camera… a slr digital… clicking the focus… and taking a few shots as they zooooomed by… i’m pretty happy with this shot… the blur of the background… relatively focused racers… it’s hard to distill a moment of a bicycle race.

2012 Amgen rest of the pack

After the rest of the pack, Hwy 1 gets back to normal. From our spot, they headed down to Coleman Valley Rd and turned up that road on their way to Occidental! it’s quite a climb from the coastal road up to beautiful headlands that overlook many coastal ranges on their way toward a little redwood valley. of course, no one in that crowd is looking at the scenery!

After the race, heading back to the house.

My mother, Emma, second from the left, enjoyed her first Professional Bicycle Race! with some help from her friends! A great way to celebrate Mother’s Day! Thanks Mom!


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