Posted by: Laura Pierce | May 28, 2012

A simple way to frame your rug

‘Mona’ hooked by Laura Pierce

I had the chance to take a Portrait class with Pat Merikallio at the Fiber Jam… i just wanted to concentrate on the face and have been wanting to do Mona Lisa for awhile. Now that my ‘Mona’ rug is complete, i find that She needs more of a presence, so i have decided to put a frame around her.

cotton material, craft frame, stapler and hammer

a simple way to frame a rug is to sew it to a cloth frame. I’ve selected 2 pairs of craft frame stretchers; 12″ and 15″ and assembled my frame. i’ll cut out my material; cotton upholstery material just a little bigger than the frame. (i should have cut more allowance, so i could staple the material onto the back instead of the side)

one staple in the center of each side

As in stretching a canvas, you center your material and staple first in the center of each stretcher bar, gently stretching the material tight.

centered material and centered staple

Then staple on each side of the first staple, on all 4 stretcher bars. Then staple on either side of the 3 staples, etc. until you’ve stapled the whole thing.

Needle and thread

Center your rug on the frame and stitch or baste the top edge of the rug onto the material. Make sure to stitch in between loops or whipping and loops, so the thread is pulled down between and not seen. The rug hangs down from the top stitching, which is good. Rugs tend to stretch a little when they’re hanging and this way, the rug will not buckle with time. you may want to re-stitch it in a few years if it becomes un-centered.

‘Mona’ hooked and framed by Laura Pierce

(because i cut just enough material to cover the sides of the stretcher bars, i ended up with a little bit of material that wants to show up outside the frame. also the staples are showing on the sides. i may have to attach some cording or a frame to cover it up.) i think i cut it close, because i wanted to illustrate the centering and stapling. Live and Learn, eh!

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