Posted by: Laura Pierce | May 25, 2012

Rugs at Denver Hook-in

Denver ATHA Challenge runner by Cheryl Bollenbach

It’s wide cut, but with wild colour abandon! The Denver Hook-in folk give you a challenge pattern when you register. this was the challenge from last year… times 3. Cheryl has a hallway that needs this rug!

other Challenge rugs in the show

It’s a lovely pattern, easy to interpret your way.

plain and simple; outline and fill with a bit of beading!

sorry i don’t have names for these rugs. this one is fun in it’s simplicity.

Kitty kats here and there hooked by Sandy Schlufter

Make it your own…

‘ATHA Flower’ by Judy Peterson

Framed with dashes of torquoise and dragonflies!

Wide-Cut Florals (with scrolls)

I put my little ‘Cathy’s Tulips’ in the floral group; it would have been out-done with the magnificent big wide-cut florals.

Wide-cut Floral

I love these big florals!

‘Fine-cut Florals’

so glad to be included with the ‘Fine-cuts’ on this one.

‘Three Sisters’ hooked by Ruth Hogue

it was great fun meeting Ruth Hogue! She attended the 1st Western Teachers’ Workshop in Eugene. i’m hoping she’ll come back out and be with us!

‘1875 Ship at Sea’ design by Sally Kallin, hooked by Sharon Oppegard

I love the little waves on the side of the ship, the big flowers and little houses.

‘Mare & Foal’, design by Marion Ham, hooked by Sharon Hyrkas

can’t resist a horse and it’s baby horse… with a plaid butt! Yaye for recycle hooking!

There were more rugs; holiday rugs, geometric rugs, portrait rugs, etc. The Rug Show was in a separate room, which was nice. Some rugs need to be hung on a wall, but getting permission to do that is difficult to obtain. The Rug show organizers did a great job considering; next year, it might be a little different… come back and check it out! I hope to see you there!


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