Posted by: Laura Pierce | May 24, 2012

A visit to the Denver Hook-in

Hooking friends

This is the scene from the entrance; you can see everyone is having a good time, even though they may not be hooking… ha!

Young rug hooker

At this table was a group of blond rug hookers that looked like and were family. Only 2 are in this photo; i’m sorry i didn’t take the time to get a group shot. There is always so much to see and do at a Hook-in!

Action at Rustic Rugs

My friend Cathy Kelly is in a white shirt, talking and settling up with the Rustic Rugs sales clerk. They had their own rug show on the floor in front of their goods; wool and patterns.

Sharon Oppegard’s garden glass sculptures

Sharon had a sales space by the front door. Her sculptures could dress up a garden and double as a bird feeder, i imagine.

Browsing the Silent Auction

The Silent Auction was full of fun items; some were hooking related and some were for decorating.

a broom and wool hog that i was bidding on

Yes, i was bidding, but so were several other people… and i had a limited amount of cash! i did manage to win the bids on a couple of other items.

Besides the Silent Auction, there were several Vendors and a Scissor Sharpening man. i decided after 16 years with my scissors, i could use a sharpen-up!

Tomorrow, i will show you some of the Rugs in the Rug Show!



  1. Good to see your blog again! Where is the Denver hook-in? Not Colorado? Will miss you at Cambria! Sarah

    • yes, Colorado… we did a ‘road-trip’ on Hwy 80, in the Prius, with the dogs. it worked out pretty well… Nevada and the Salt Lake are hard, but the rest of of the trip is dramatic with big rocks of various kinds. the upheaval of the earth is dramatically illustrated. some places the layers of dirt and rock are perpendicular… wow! we were 1 mile high for most of the trip. 2 long days each way.

  2. Laura, The Denver Hook-in looks spectacular. Glad to have you home again!

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