Posted by: laurawp | May 7, 2012

Making a hooked purse – a clutch maybe

top & bottom of ‘Yellow’ purse hooked by Laura Pierce

this is my project from Brigitta’s Bling Bag Workshop; it was fun just starting with a blank form. I was using noodles from the scrap bag… my favourites… purple and periwinkle. i thought i’d use some of Brigitta’s swatches for the background… changing from one value to the next, then back again. we came up with this fun Gold swatch, my other favourite colour… Yellow!
phew… just enough wool with a little help from my noodle stash.
now that it’s all hooked i realize i forgot to sign it and i’m not crazy about that ’twilly’…

Photoshop presto-o change-o

so… that’s what i’ll do. move the twilly and put my signature in it’s space.

then to see how the purse… a clutch, i think… will look:

back view of the Yellow purse

i need to fix that corner on the upper right.

Original front of the Yellow purse

without the changes…

i’m thinking about how i’ll install a zipper closure…?


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