Posted by: Laura Pierce | May 3, 2012

Calla Lilies, Graphic Swoop & Photoshop

Calla Lilies in the back yard

so what’s so attractive about Calla Lilies? is the white and light? that paisley shape and swoop of the end? the white against the green, the swoop of the leaf?

Calla Lilies close up, posterized

there is a swoopy graphic of the leaves and lilies… and that grand yellow stamen… in this photo i was trying to capture the shadow of the stamens… the sun was so bright, the shadows shone through the hefty white pedals.

Calla up close posterized

another view, the stamen peeks out the top… this photo and the one above have a Photoshop filter, ‘poster edges’ applied. it puts lines in and reduces the colours to create that posterized view. notice the yellow greens and blue greens of the Calla leaves. where the sun shines, the leaves are yellow green; where the sky reflects, the leaves are blue green.



  1. Love the poster edges of this calla really cool visual! Very interesting effect. Makes ya wanna hook it!

  2. You should draw this and sell it as one of your patterns. Love it!

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