Posted by: Laura Pierce | April 25, 2012

CA Postcards at Rockaway

Display of CA Postcards with Gail Becker

Arlene provided Gail with a couple of Styrfoam sheets to display the CA postcards. This was an enjoyable challenge; some people created several postcards. If you want to see them close-up, check out Gail’s blog; Postcards from California, or RHM‘s on line magazine, Rug Beat.

Pat Horn, Anne Jeter and Pat Young

While taking a few more photos at the Rug Show on Thursday, I overheard Pat Young telling her friends, Anne Jeter and Pat Horn, to come and look at a rug with Zinnias!   She seemed very excited about the rug, so I went over to see it too! Hey! it was my rug, ‘Cynthia’s Dahlia Garden’ that she was excited about. you may notice the stars on the name badges; red stars for 5 years and gold stars for 1 year. These gals have all been coming to Rockaway since the beginning, 25 years ago.

2012 Rockaway Teachers

We had a great time teaching at Rockaway: top from the left; Laura Pierce, Laurie Wiles, Sara Judith, Carol Kassera. Sitting from the left; Lynne Powell, Carol Fegles, Joan Reckwerdt, Lynne Howard, Suzi Jones.

Louise, Gail, Laurie

After having a few meals with Laurie Wiles and her friends, i realized that Louise had to be related to her… sisters! it was great fun being at Rockaway!


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