Posted by: Laura Pierce | April 24, 2012

More Rugs from Rockaway 2012

Phineas by Barb Powell

I love the depth in this little rug by Barb Powell. Barb was working on a beautiful portrait in Lynne Powell’s class. She came down to my classroom every so often to buy ‘face’ wool from my store.

Morning Moon by Lynne Powell

The pleasure of getting up early and finding the moon still there in the sky is such a sweet feeling; how wonderful to have a little rug to remind you of this simple gift. Lynne created this rug in response to the ATHA Region XI Treemendous Challenge and was one of three winners. I totally agree!

Sister Kittys by Laurie Wiles

You can tell these kittys are family, i’m not sure they’re sisters. The affection for each other is apparent in this little portrait by Laurie Wiles.

Spring Basket Floral hooked by Tina Toney

Here’s a little rug by Tina Toney, designed by Maggie Bonanomi; simple and delightful.


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