Posted by: Laura Pierce | April 23, 2012

Helen Goldsmith’s Rugs at Rockaway 2012

Mt.Jefferson by Helen Goldsmith

Each year, Arlene honors a Rug Hooking Artist at the Rockaway Rug Show. This year it was Helen Goldsmith, definitely a Master Rug Artist! I recognized some of the rugs brought back for this special showing; they were interspersed in the show.

Card Tricks hooked by Helen Goldsmith

I was happy to see this rug again, designed by Nancy Quigley and hooked by Helen Goldsmith.

Rhapsody of Flowers hooked by Helen Goldsmith

Brigitta Phy was happy to see this design of her grandmother’s; ‘Rhapsody of Flowers’ designed by Jane Olson, hooked by Helen Goldsmith.

My Patch by Helen Goldsmith

‘My Patch’ looks like a great pattern for using up scraps and plaids.

November hooked by Helen Goldsmith

Finally, another beautiful version of ‘November’; design by Jane Flynn, hooked by Helen Goldsmith. Her teacher was Nancy Quigley and the colours remind me of Helen Connolly Howe’s technique. A veritable feast for the eyes!


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