Posted by: Laura Pierce | April 21, 2012

Galloping horses in the Waves… Rockaway, Oregon

Twin Rocks on a stormy April afternoon

Laurie Wiles and Gail Becker came by after class on Tuesday to take me with them on their beach walk. there is a elevated crosswalk from Friends across Hwy 101, so you can get to the beach safely. They ditched their shoes as soon as we got to the beach… i was keeping my socks and shoes on! The beach at Rockaway is long and flat, a few creeks empty out to the ocean and some areas have piles of logs.

Oregon waves galloping into shore

On the drive up Hwy 101 to Rockaway, the stormy sea often resembled galloping horses. it’s an image you can’t hold onto for very long; you see it, then you don’t. Except if you hook a rug of galloping horse waves like Don Meidinger did.

Wave Crashing Galloping Horses - hooked by Don Meidinger

As usual, it was a great Rug Show and we were able to view it for 3 days. Sometimes, i can’t take in a whole rug show, so the time is much appreciated.


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