Posted by: laurawp | April 15, 2012

Walk on Rockaway Beach

Twin Rocks on a Stormy Monday

Yes, i had fun, fun, fun at Rockaway Rug Camp… and after class too. Staying in a big house on the beach, Brigitta, Susan and I took a couple of walks on the beach and enjoyed the Oregon Coast views. We had to take advantage of the breaks in the weather, as it was unusually stormy. More rain was predicted, so we were glad to see at least 1 sunset.

collection of shells in the sand

I’m not sure if the shells were from a bird dinner or a gathering of treasures left behind.

Susan and Brigitta at Rockaway Beach

Mother and daughter, Susan and Brigitta, enjoyed taking Carol Kassera’s class at Rockaway Rug Camp. Brigitta has inherited Jane Olson’s Rug Hooking business and combined with her own Green Valley Rug Hooking, will run the Rockaway Rug Camp Store next year.

Brigitta, Twin Rocks and Susan

On our way back to the house, Susan leaves the sand on the beach.


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