Posted by: Laura Pierce | March 27, 2012

Gathering in Rockaway

Haceta Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast

We’ll drive up Hwy101, Gail and I.  It’s going to rain all the way, but we’ll be yakking and the time will fly by.  I took this photo in 2004, when i attended Rockaway with my friend Margaret Beardsley.  we drove up and back on Hwy101… it’s our highway here in Sonoma Co.  by the time it gets to Oregon, it’s the Coast road… beautiful!  On the way home, you can pull over at about 2 or 3 spots after Haceta to get this view.  Down below are sea birds and sea lions… but this view is the best!

Floral rug by Anne Jeter

The Rug Show at Rockaway is always a treat!  Arlene Strutz has someone create all the rug name tags in calligraphy and the rug show is up for 3 days.  Anne Jeter has been finishing up alot of rugs these days; big rugs with floral centers.  She often uses left-over lights from many swatches to fill in her backgrounds.  I’m looking forward to seeing Anne and many other friends at Rockaway! 




  1. Sounds like great fun!!! Wish I could join you, but it’s a long drive from here in Vermont..!!!! LOL Hugs, Sunnie 😉

  2. Sunnie! it was a great week! just home, after an extra 2-day workshop in Salem… the drive up was scarey… lots of trees twisted and broken on the highway. the drive home today was beautiful!! Willamette Valley is so beautiful this time of year and early in the morning… the distant mountain ranges gave a perspective…!

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