Posted by: Laura Pierce | March 14, 2012

Fiber Jam possibilities

could you, would you, come to Mendocino to Fiber Jam?  Come on a Monday and go home on a Saturday… February 18 – 23, 2013.  That’s what i’m looking at… Friday is such a bad traffic day in SF Bay Area… it will be novel to stay Friday and pack up and leave on Saturday.  It’s not for sure yet… I’m working with the folks at Little River Inn… and they’ll be happy to have us, twice a year!

Sunset at Little River Inn last November -photo by Emma Logan

It is kind of nice being the only event happening… when it comes to accomodations.  Little River Inn has many beautiful rooms, a restaurant, bar, golf course, tennis courts and a day spa, but only 1 meeting room, which happens to be perfect for about 25 Fiber Artists doing their own thing.   My little rug camps at Asilomar Conference Center on the other hand, are such ‘small fry’, i just can’t get much respect.  It’s not much fun when a huge crowd comes in… the logistics get very difficult.  This past Fiber Jam, things went quite well, we only got crowded once with a long line for dinner.   We all love being at Asilomar, it is a beautiful place and we had wonderful accomodations this past February.    Personally, i have a hard time dealing with the contracts, the rules, the indifference, the lack of contact… it all gives me a stomach ache.  so… i’m going where they know my name… they’re happy to have us… they stop by and see us.



  1. Laura, YES!!!!! Great idea, let me know when you get it firmed up. Donna

  2. Works for me
    I could see the grandkids

  3. Yes, yes, yes!

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