Posted by: laurawp | March 6, 2012

Punch hooking and Loop pulling

SF Pissarro rug in progress

This rug was designed in response to the Monterey Fiber Jam ‘Pissarro’ challenge.  Since i didn’t get it finished in time for the Jam, i just brought it unfinished.  After watching Sara Judith teach the Oxford Punch hooking technique, i realized i could punch hook the bay waters!  Because punch hooking is done from the reverse side, i knew i needed to finish all my traditional Loop pulling, then mount the rug on a craft frame.  I visited Knitterly, a fabulous knit shop in Petaluma, and found some beautiful hand-painted merino yarn that looked good with the hooking already in place and looks like water.  I stapled the rug to the craft frame and learned how to punch hook.  My daughter Emma was with me for this beginning and reminded me of Sara’s suggestions: creating a loose pile of yarn to create the perfect tension for the loops.  Sara also suggests that your first punch hook piece should be a sampler, not a masterpiece… ha!  that’s because you get better as you go.  I started at the line next to the city, and it’s a little uneven.  i’m wondering if i should press it or cut some of the high loops.  

uneven loops

it’s a little hard to show, but you can see some of the punched loops are higher than others.

SF Pissarro punched and pulled loops

 Now that the hooking is completed, i am ready to take it off the craft frame and see if it lays flat.  i’m wondering if i should hook another Beauty line around it in a dark value to ‘Frame’ it.  i can see that the punch hooked area is not as wide as the pulled loop area… hmmmm.  we are pretty happy with it and are enjoying the view!



  1. I like the unevenness of the water–makes it look more like the choppy water in the bay (that is the Transamerica Pyramid isn’t it?). Were you able to block the water area even with the pulled area? How do you plan to finish it? Very nice. I especially like how the suspension wires turned out.

    • Hi Sharlene, yes, the pyramid bldg and coit tower…
      i did steam the traditional hooking when it was completed, then did the punch hooking. i haven’t steamed the punch stuff… not sure what to do. thanks for your comment on the water… i like it too, even though i can see which way i was punch hooking, etc.
      i’ll roll forward the edge and whip it… i’m just wondering about adding a dark row 1 more time around… before i whip with the same yarn as the water. it’s a little on the light side.

  2. I like the differerent heights of the water too…I’ll enjoy seeing the edge finish and what you decide to do around the edge!!! Sunnie 😉

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