Posted by: laurawp | March 2, 2012

Fiber Jammin’ til you drop!

Morning view from my room at Asilomar

   a couple of deer seem to own the place… walking around eating whatever tastes good.  there are lots of new pine trees planted around the place… with their little deer protections around them… some of the older pines are hanging in there, looking all knarley and windswept. 

Bridge and Benches 'Lakeside Park' hooked and punched by Sara Judith

Here’s one of Sara’s latest pieces… it is framed and we enjoyed it on the Piano most of the week.  it was kept company by Nancy Winn’s critters and Denise Hunds’ Jane Olson doll.  I wanted to post it on February 22nd since i talked about Sara’s Punch Hook class, but found i didn’t have a photograph of it.  this photograph came to us from Sunny Runnells… thanks Sunny and Sara! 

January 2012 WM Challenge by Diane S Learmonth

Not only did Diane participate in Wanda Kerr’s January 2012 challenge rug, she journaled about it as she hooked it. It certainly adds alot to the rug… in the way of information about the creation of the rug, but also as Diane’s diary of January 2012. Even without knowing much about it, it’s an attractive rug… in the ‘wall hanging’ sort of way. Diane gave a presentation on Wednesday night, about the benefits of journaling a rug. It not only adds a personal connection to the rug, it adds worth; 4 x the value. She passed out little journals to everyone at the table… ‘Journal thy rug!’ It’s not hard, I’m sure, and certainly a worthwhile discipline.


Rugs by Diane S Learmonth and Gail Becker

The Rug Show always works out… in Diane S Learmonth’s astrological rug, ‘Cancer’ the crab is in an underwater seascape, while in Gail Becker’s workshop rug; ‘Chickadees’, the birds occupy a landscape with a similar vantage point.


Rugs by Brigitta Phy and Laura Pierce

Brigitta and my rugs are related by colour; an analogous theme… orange, yellow, green and blue. a bit of purple and red complete the colour wheel.

On Thursday morning, we had a presentation on Shirbori wool by Diane S Learmonth. Diane worked all week on a special portrait rug, with a beautiful piece of shibori wool sewn onto her hooking canvas. She showed us another rug and many beautiful pieces of Shirbori dyed wool; some were too beautiful to think about cutting into strips! Diane shared her method of folding and dyeing Shibori wool; I’m looking forward to experimenting with her technique!

Visitors enjoyed seeing our works in progress

Late on thursday morning we had many visitors; new rug students and quilters staying at Asilomar.

Knarly Oaks at Asilomar

I stole away for a little while and took a few photos. The knarly oaks and handsome architecture always grab my eye.

Thursday afternoon, Sara Judith led us through the intricate and interesting path of Critiquing Rugs.  She explained the importance of asking for the critique you want and need, so you don’t get barraged with unwanted criticisms.  Also, there is the right way to deliver your critique and that was also discussed.  Then we practiced on a few rugs; both Sara and I had rugs that didn’t make it into Celebrations… we threw those on the table.  Diane asked for input on the rug she was working on… and we practiced some more!  

Finally, our last event was a 10 minute slide show… of a Fiber Art Show at Columbia Art Center Galleries.  Five Fiber Artists was organized by Roslyn Logsdon.  Besides Roslyn Logsdon, John Flournoy, Carol Koerner, Sally D’Albora and Sarah Province had rugs in the show.  All five Rug Hooking Artists are very accomplished and it was wonderful to see the rugs in a Gallery setting. So… by the end of the week, it was time.  We had a great week, shared and learned lots of techniques and talked about what we’ll share and do … Next Year!



  1. Laura, what lovely pictures…possible Asilomar vignettes!! Sara Judith added so much to the Jam…she participated in everything and interacted with us all! What a pleasure and inspiration to get to know her. Thanks again for all of your hard work and planning. A loyal fan! Sarah

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