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Fiber Jam’d packed Monday

Creating the line-up from the proposals Fiber Jammers offered, I scheduled a lot of  ‘events’ for Monday.  We started off each day with a Rug Show & Tell and pointed out some of the items available from our Vendors.  1st up was Sarah Province; she gave us a demo about her method of  ‘Framing a Rug’.   She uses archival materials and makes her small rugs into Gallery ready Wall Hangings. 

Sarah Province applies archival tape to her wooden stretcher bars.

Sarah had several of her steps already completed and explained the what and the why.  Then she demonstrated the last few steps.  Pictured here from the left; Brigitta Phy, Diane Learmonth, John Hund, Michele Wise, Sara Judith, Sarah Province and Andrine Smith.

Jammers check out some of Sarah’s framed rugs, while she folds and staples.

Sarah covers the stretcher bars with an archival board, which makes things sturdy and also provides a great place to add notes about the rug.  In one case, there was an old letter placed in an envelope on the back that correspondes to the memory rug.  Picture from the left; Sarah Province, China Dusk, standing – Sunny Runnells, Kay Carmichael, Debbie Clement and standing – Rita Schucker.


Next up was a Beaded Rope demo that turned into a class.  Everyone was able to buy a small kit for a bracelet and learn the technique from Dawn Barbour and Linda Baerthel.

Dawn Barbour gets everyone started on their beaded rope bracelets

Dawn’s kits included everything you needed plus a copy of her instructions.  Pictured here from the left; Debbie Clement, Sara Judith, Denise Hund, Dawn Barbour, Andrine Smith, Sunny Runnell and China Dusk.  Dawn will be teaching this same class at Wine Country Rug Hookers March meeting.

Linda Baerthel helped Jammers get it right

Pictured here at the table from the left; Brigitta Phy, Linda Baerthel, Nancy Winn and Gail Becker. We scheduled an hour for this Demo/class and it became obvious that everyone wanted to continue… so we did!  We just moved the next event back an hour and continued a while longer after lunch.
Our next event was a discussion about Art and Creativity by Martha Whelchel and myself.  Martha gave us many tips on using Art to make life fulfilling and interesting.  We briefly discussed the copywrite issues and encouraged everyone to do their own thing.

Butterfly by Brigitta Phy

There were several challenges proposed; the California Postcards, Butterflies, a Mermaid pattern and the Pissarro Vanishing Lines.   For those of us that respond to challenges, it was hard to choose just one… so all were included.  Monday afternoon, we had a Show and Tell of the other 3 challenges.

a few more butterflies

Michele Wise used hooking and needle felting in her framed butterfly in the top left corner.  next to hers are 2 Emma butterflies; my daughter Emma’s Swallowtail in Geometry and below it is my mother Emma’s fantasy butterfly.  On the box, is a 3 dimensional butterfly from Nancy Winn and a beaded Monarch on a satin pillow by Linda Baerthel.  In front on the left is my applique and needle felted butterfly and 3 Butterflies by Martha Whelchel.

China Dusk's Pissarro landscape, the lines and inspiration

The Pissarro Challenge was inspired by the little postcard at the top of this photo, below it are the lines China gave us to use as our inspiration.  China hooked the beautiful landscape while babysitting grandbabies in Hawaii.  She brought books of Impressionists’ work, as Pissarro was considered by many to be the father of Impressionism.

Sara Judith created an abstract out of the Pissarro lines.

Taking this challenge to another level, Sara Judith not only repeated the design to create an interesting composition, she punch hooked it with wool strips at a weekend retreat.  It is an interesting and fast technique… once you master it.

SF Pissarro landscape & Tulips in Pissarro lines

My SF skyline is still in progress, while Gail Becker’s rows of Tulips turn the Pissarro lines 90 degrees to create another interpretation.


Minnie the Mermaid by Martha Whelchel

Martha Whelchel saw this mermaid on a tavern sign many years ago, and brought this rug to Little River Inn Rug Camp several years ago.  She challenged us then to use the mermaid pattern and hook it our way.  Since we were meeting by the Sea, i asked her to let us re-issue this challenge.

2 mini mermaids

 Dawn Barbour is hooking a Mermaid CA Postcard with the Asilomar beach in the background, while I hooked a Mermaid at the Golden Gate.

After Monday night dinner, we had 1 more event; a discussion about Aesthetics lead by Sara Judith.  After Sara’s initial discussion, there was an exercise with another participant that you didn’t know that well and then introductions all around.  Next year, this will possibly be the opening event and include everyone.
Whew!  Monday was our busiest day;  the rest of the week was more relaxed!




  1. Great post, Laura! You summed it up nicely. We all had such a good time and learned so much.

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