Posted by: laurawp | February 18, 2012

Monterey Fantastic Fiber Jam!

well… we had the good luck!  We had a wonderful mix of Fiber Artists, a wonderful meeting room; roomy, well lit and a fire burning when it was cold outside.  Monday was rainy, but Wednesday was glorious; there were lots of walks on the beach that day.   My daughter, Emma, and I walked down to the beach after breakfast on Tuesday and she snapped this photo of me.

Laura at Asilomar Beach

Emma has an i-phone, of course; she snaps photos with it and sends them out to Facebook!   it’s great that there is a photo proof that i got out to the beach.  i spent most of my time at the Fiber Jam, enjoying the events and visiting with the jammers.  

We started right off on Sunday night with a presentation of the California Post Cards with Gail Becker, and then a demonstration and show of Nancy Winn’s paper mache critters.   

Gail talks about how she came up with the California Postcards!
Gail has an article coming up in RHM about adding the postcard backs to these little rugs.  She will also be featured in the next issue of RHM’s new on line newsletter; Rug Beat.
Nancy Winn with some of her paper mache critters

People were amazed by the twisting of wire, ripping of telephone books, crumpling and taping the paper around the wires… and the creation of playful critters.  At the end of Nancy’s demo and show, Jammers were considering the possibilities!  From left to right; Michele Wise, John & Denise Hund, Diane Learmonth standing behind Adrine Smith , Nancy Winn. 

Nancy is working toward her upcoming Open Studios weekends; June 2,3 and June 9,10, 2012  sponsored by the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. 



  1. Laura, Emma really shot a great photo of you that should be hooked! I wonder how many of us are Beach Ladies at heart? The multi-media aspect for workshops is an exciting way to go. My hooker-quilter one on one design idea is picking up some steam. Our Region 3 ATHA Director, Val is promoting it as a Region 3 challenge. My Best, Donna
    P.S. I decided to fly from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo and rent a car there.

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