Posted by: Laura Pierce | February 5, 2012

Asilomar… Here we come!

Room View from 2004 visit to Asilomar Rug School

I used to organize a Rug Show visit to Asilomar Rug School with friends; a few days out of our lives to go down and mingle with the lucky campers.  On this trip in March, 2004, 4 of us went down and rented a room for 4 in the more contemporary buildings.  It was an upstairs room with this fabulous view complete with a full moon night; i didn’t want to sleep at all, just stay up and watch the view. 

Margaret Beardsley with Asilomar deer, 2004

Margaret was impressed by the deer that live at Asilomar; they are quite present and picturesque!  On Wednesday after we got checked in, we visited the rug campers in Scripps… I met some rug hookers whose rugs i had seen in RHM and Celebrations; including  Sarah Province!  I was thrilled to meet her and we struck up a conversation and friendship that continues to this day.

Almond orchard near Gilroy

On our way home, we stopped at a park near Gilroy for a picnic lunch.  The orchards across the street were in bloom; on the trees and on the ground.  It looks like good inspiration for a rug to me!

A couple of my students are coming down to Asilomar on Thursday, to see what we’re up to.  They have never been to a rug camp and would like to get an idea of what it’s all about.  We decided Thursday would be the best visiting day, since there is not a lot of Fiber Jam events planned for our last full day.  
When i started running the rug camp at Asilomar in 2010, I was discouraged from having a Rug Show in Phoebe’s Social Hall, which had been the tradition of the Asilomar Rug School.  The happy result was the Rug Show and Tell in our classroom that starts each day.  This year with the new format, we’re playing it all by ear; we’ll include a sampling of the Vendor’s wares, then have a Fiber Show & Tell each morning from 9am – 9:30am.  So, if you come to visit, try and make it on Thursday; no rug show per se, but lots of happy campers willing to share!

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