Posted by: laurawp | January 22, 2012

Cold Winter Rain in Petaluma. Stew & Polenta season.

yes, Polenta is from that Italian persuasion… we have lots of ethnic in Sonoma County.  i’m Heinz 57, so all ethnics belong to me… ha!   i had Heuvos Rancheros for breakfast this morning, at the Moose Club.

Gypsy in gold and blue

i have been hooking some of the Flying Dog Hookery patterns… just for fun!  I was going to put a Proddy ring around this Gypsy, but it didn’t work out for me.  i took the proddy pieces and hooked them in the 1 corner… Viola!  then i did a bit of ‘Rip & Wrinkle’ instead of proddy around Gypsy.  i like the way the gold and blue melt into each other.

Sunset Clouds with bare branches

i love the bare branches of the trees and bushes; the vistas beyond are revealed. 

Michele Wise and student, Denise Hund with Jane Olson doll.

This was Denise Hund’s project for Little River Inn Rug Camp with Michele Wise this past November.  Michele wrote an article for RHM about her hooked dolls… it was such a pleasure to see Denise’s doll version of Jane Olson come to life.   She added all the little extra’s that were part of Jane’s teaching uniform; a pencil in her curly red hair, the tape measure around her neck and many other telling things.

I’m hooking a city scape of San Francisco!  the Pyramid and Coit Tower are the SF signatures in the skyline.  Part of the Bay Bridge is in the fore front… i’m wondering it will dissappear into the background…!?  it may be a subject for the ‘Critique’ session at the Monterey Fiber Jam

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