Posted by: Laura Pierce | January 9, 2012

Fiber Jam Smorgasbord!

In case you find the Monterey Fiber Jam over-whelming… let’s just say that it’s a Smorgasbord!  Take a look, sample what you like, and enjoy the feast!   check out the line up listed on my website: Monterey Fiber Jam 

Winter Cloud Wisps

I did buy a SLR digital camera… I need it, as an artist and business woman.  Nice to be in the driver’s seat… but much to learn.  i do like a ‘point & shoot’ camera, glad it can be both.   The sky in Petaluma was beautiful after Christmas.

Nancy's patio view

Thursday group switches around from person to person, everyone takes a turn hosting.   Nancy has a beautiful garden and view in the Green Valley area near Sebastopol; I always enjoy the views from Nancy’s patio.  This photo from December 2011 is posterized.

Latta Miniatures; John, Emma, Mary, 1922

I gave this rug to my mother for Christmas,and  hope she enjoys it.  Her style and mine are quite different; she is more Modern, i love the Impressionists. 

Carmella, our grand dog!

A Christmas gift to my daughter and son-in-law… off my wall… no, actually, i wrapped it up as a present. 

a good dog, a nice piece of linen… a fun rug!  


8x10 Mermaids at the Golden Gate

a CA postcard doubled in size with mermaids…  could be fun!   i’m getting the Fiber Jam Challenges all mixed up!
Hook one and send me a photo!

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