Posted by: Laura Pierce | January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow!  what a year; 2011!  I’ve met so many terrific people; students, hostesses, mentors, and internet friends.   I’ve been inspired, amazed and learned a lot! 

The trip to Vermont and Lancaster, PA was a double high light for me!  The personal tour of Vermont by Brigitta Bradford Phy, Sherlburne Museum, hooking up with Anne-Marie Littenberg in Burlington, and visiting the farm where Brigitta grew up… wow! the folks that live there now were harvesting potatoes and fixing up for winter. 

Shelburne Round Barn with yellow leaves

2012 promises more excitement, but at a slower pace.  i’m looking forward to several teaching gigs and a few rug events.  The trip to Australia in October 2012 for the TIGHR convention will be very special, as my husband, Kirby, has always wanted a return trip to Australia. 

First up in 2012 is the Monterey Fiber Jam; at Asilomar, February 12-17… it’s coming right up!  We have lots of little events planned for our week, and the Challenges are already affecting us.  we’re hooking California Postcards and Butterflies, thinking about hooking a Mermaid and wondering about those Pissarro Vanishing Lines.  I published some of my photos with Pissarro v-lines super-imposed and was spoofing!  i just matched some lines and didn’t think about the ‘vanishing point’.  Pat Merikallio called me on it… ha!  my 2 photos of the Navarro River have a vanishing point nearly in the center, not off to the side.  here are the corrected illustrations. 

vanishing point in the middle on the bridge.

I flipped the Pissarro v-lines upside down, since there were high hills on either side of the river.

vanishing point out at the mouth of the river.

phew, I hope this is right!  at least it got us thinking about vanishing lines and vanishing points… and that’s what the Fiber Jam is about!  trying stuff out, thinking about things and getting creative!    Let me know if you want to join us.


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