Posted by: Laura Pierce | December 21, 2011

Monterey Fiber Jam Challenges

We have 4 challenges for the Monterey Fiber Jam; if you should choose to accept them.  First up is the California Postcard Challenge, orchestrated by Gail Becker.  She has been promoting it on her blog: CA postcards.  It has been very fun and challenging to work in the 4×6″ format; especially for a wide-cut hooker! 

Second up is the Pissarro vanishing lines Challenge.  There is a wonderful show of Pissarro’s paintings at the Legion of Honour in San Francisco right now; it is about his paintings of people, his family and workers.

Our third challenge is the Butterfly Challenge; proposed by Brigitta Phy.  ‘Hook, prod, knit, quilt, felt or combine these or other fiber arts to make a Butterfly.  There is no size limit or style restrictions.  However, the butterflies should ‘appear’ like they would at a museum where they are displayed in cases with pins.  Each Butterfly should stand by itself with a background and frame.  The frame does not have to be wooden, but could be hooked, etc.’ 

 This one is quite captivating… butterflies are like that.  at some point, i remembered a colouring project i did as a child… where we would fold a piece of paper in half, write our name in cursive on the fold, then copy the name to the other side to create a design.  Abstract Art at such an early age… ha!

Laura in cursive, mirrored

well… i thought… maybe i could just add some butterfly wings to my name and proceed…  (as you may notice, i sketched with pencil, then used a marker to darken in the lines that i wanted.)


butterfly wings with name

After colouring it in with Photoshop, i found the butterfly a little squat, so i stretched it a bit.

Yellow name butterfly

it is a fun and not serious exercise that might take you back to your childhood games.

Finally, a fourth challenge from Martha Whelchel; use her Mermaid pattern and add a landscape or ocean scene. it can be any size.

Martha's mermaid pattern

This is actually an older challenge and I’ve seen a few of these Mermaids around; Martha shared this pattern at 2007 Little River Inn Rug Camp and since Martha is joining us at the Fiber Jam, we decided to offer it again.

btw:  if you’d like to join us this February 12-17, 2012 at Asilomar for the Monterey Fiber Jam, we have a possible participant that needs a room-mate.  Let me know asap!


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