Posted by: laurawp | December 6, 2011

Winter Projects & Fiber Jammin’

Wedding Rug for Sarah & Terry

I guess i work well with assignments… there are requirements and my creative self gets to work it out… solve it.  
The little wedding rugs are done with scraps; that’s the challenge. this little rug reminds me of a Kadinsky painting i’ve seen; the colours of the landscape. The border includes bubbles, suggested by my daughter. i’m doing a series of these little rugs… lots of fun seeing how they all turn out!

I’ve been working on my WTW teaching project and enjoying the process.  the rug is almost hooked, the dyeing done with notes, and I’m thinking about the ‘finish’!  

CA postcards

The CA postcards are coming along; finally got 2 whip-finished with postcard labels sewn on!  the other 4 have been stitched onto cardboard and framed with matting, little Rug Arts.  I’m hoping to have another Rug Art Show next year.

Logging Road

California Postcards are a challenge for the Monterey Fiber Jam! other challenges have been proposed, for instance… the Pissarro vanishing lines. a Pissarro painting, vanishing lines, and your creative response. we’re talking about bringing coloured construction paper and glue sticks… we can rip paper and play with the idea.

Pissarro painting with vanishing lines drawn over

thinking about the vanishing lines and looking over some of my recent photos… i realized that the lines apply to some of my photos… sometimes i need to flip the lines or stretch them…

heading inland from the coast along the Navarro River

vanishing lines super imposed over the photograph.

Navarro River approaching the Pacific Ocean

vanishing lines flipped…

Overlook before the little town of Elk, looking south on Hwy 1

vanishing lines stretched…

Sarah and Laura at Little River Inn

Ha! even the architecture creates vanishing lines equal to Pissarro’s painting…

 the Butterfly Challenge and a Mermaid Pattern Challenge are coming up…


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