Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 20, 2011

Little River Inn Rug Show 2011

Our LRI Rug Show is always wonderful; to see and to be in.  This year i made a list of the rugs in the show … to include in my Camp Booklet.

Brigitta Phy hooks in front of LRI Rug Show south wall

My daughter, Emma Logan, came as my Assistant this year.  We got the rug show up by the end of Sunday night.  Next year, i’ll let her do more of the ladder climbing and nailing.   i just wanted to show how it was done this year… ha!  sometimes i don’t really think about how it works, until i think about teaching it to someone else.  The Rug Show went together easily, we had some of the big rugs right away and got them up first.

My teachers, Michele Wise and Nancy Miller Quigley, were very accomodating… moving their beautiful wool out of the way of my ladder. Brigitta and I shared the closet to outfit a nice little store. Sharon Smith brought some of her fun patterns to sell and they were popular!

LRI Rug Show over Michele's tables

Michele Wise fit her wool and goodies into a corner. 

LRI Rug Show in the south west corner

Michele’s Rules are boldly posted near her fun creations; feather trees, hooked journals, dolls and creatures of many sorts.

LRI Rug Show north west, near Nancy's class

Rugs, wool and fiber artists… a happy combination!

LRI rug show north east

Our biggest wall in near the kitchen. it also has a movie screen that lowers from the ceiling. Anne Jeter, Nancy Quigley’s mother is at the end of Nancy’s table. It was delightful having Anne and Phoebe, Nancy’s sister, with us for Nancy’s last year. 

LRI rug show east - a few rugs over the windows

 Nancy brought out her hooks each day to include with her various rug hooking needfuls.  On the far right are Emma Webber’s braided rugs and seat pads for sale. 

Tanya Graham's 'Bear' rug hangs over the mantel.

We never light the fireplace, but if it got really cold we would.   If i need the space over the fireplace, i just ask the Maintenance guy to remove the beautiful painting of Little River Inn. 

Laura with a few portrait rugs

Here I am with some of my latest Portrait rugs; my mother with her folks around 1923, below is Mable with her folks, various dates, on to the right is my husband’s grandfather Will Pierce, at a young age.

Michele Wise is teaching about colour - LRI rug show south east behind her.

After 8 years of hanging rug shows on the walls of Abalone Hall,  I’m very familiar with all the corners and crannies.   We use every bit of space in the Abalone Hall;  for the LRI Rug Show,  the goods for sale, and the rug campers.



  1. What a great rug show! …..and they don’t mind all the nails you drive into the walls every year… are SO LUCKY!

  2. yes! i am lucky and spoiled!! Little River Inn is a family business and they don’t sweat the small stuff. Ha! including those tiny little holes. i use very little brass nails and am careful with the rugs and the walls. The folks at LRI enjoy the transformation of Abalone Hall. it’s sad when all the rugs come down on Thursday night and Friday morning.

  3. Laura – your family portrait rugs are amazing. I’m glad to see Tanya Graham is teaching at your camp. She is one of my favourite teachers and people. She is so smart and funny. I looked at your daughter’s website and it is so similar to my daughter’s about gardening and cooking.

  4. hi Trish,
    thanks for stopping by and commenting… yes, i am excited to have met Tanya and look forward to having her come back to LRI as a teacher next year!! We are lucky in our daughters, eh?!

    when are you coming back west for a visit? we’re gearing up for Turkey Day around here in the states. we talked about doing something different to the turkey, but have decided to stick with the same ole comfortable routine… ha!

  5. Laura, good job on the pictures of the rug show at LRI…it was fun to have another look…we are so busy while there that we don’t see everything! It’s wonderful to be surrounded by all of those amazing rugs while hooking on new ones…I particularly like the picture of you with your portraits…must have been a good photographer! Ha! Sarah

    • yes… thanks for the nice photo. i’ve seen some photos of the fabulous rugshow at Shelburne on a few blogs from the northeast… i see that other bloggers have a listing of good blogs to visit. it’s all inspiring!

  6. Amazing display of rugs. Would have loved to have seen it in person!

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