Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 14, 2011

Fiber Jammin’ at Asilomar

The Beach at Asilomar... walk out the board walk and cross the road...

I’m wondering if i can post my Monterey Fiber Jam registration form here on my blog?  next question, can campers print it?

2012 Monterey Fiber Jam reg1_2

so… this is a test.  and even though it’s a test… i should add some photos of beautiful Asilomar.  the Beach is beautiful and easily accessible.

Moon over beach at Asilomar

this shot is looking back towards the Asilomar Conference Center… not much visible, but beyond the sand dunes, it’s there.  to the right is the ’17-mile Drive’ and to the left is a walking path that will take you to Monterey and the Aquarium!  a beautiful place!

We’re going be Fiber Jammin’… doing our thing with fibers… hooking, knit or crochet, felting, or applique!



  1. Hi Laura;

    Where can I get information about the Fiber Jammin’


  2. hI Shirley,
    you can go to my website;
    check out the Monterey Fiber Jam on my menu.

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