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More Rug Show from ATHA Biennial 2011 in Lancaster, PA

'Bucks County Fractur' by Beverly White

This rug certainly caught my eye; i love this type of background, varied yet close in colour with swirly bits here and there.  i also love Frakturs; this one has a ‘distlefink’!  it is simple and appropriate for Pennsylvania Dutch.

'Echo' by Corrine Watts

this basic geometric has been spiced up a lot with plaid (I assume).  it sparkles and beckons you for a closer look.  This is not the whole rug; I cut off abit on the left wanting to see where the sparkle was coming from.

'Snowscape' by Marie Bresch


It was a thrill to see this rug in person; it’s on an older RHM cover and it still looks great!  I know Marie Bresch from Western Teachers’ Workshop and  she is also a long time ATHA member.  We got a chance to talk about this rug; she says it’s stays colour perfect because it’s all natural… ha!  no dye!

'Flight' by Liz Marino

This little gem was tucked around a corner, and soared in it’s own magnificance.  the colours and the reflections in the water… make my heart sing!  

'Southern Leopard Frog and Tricolor Heron' by Judy Carter

Judy Carter and i correspond via email, etc and i had seen this rug as she worked on it.  i didn’t realize there was a Heron involved until i looked at the name tag.  The colours are wonderful and the action is real… will the little frog end up being the heron’s supper?

'Crab Shanty on Tangier Island' by Arleen Mauger

Wet Paint… don’t touch,  the shadows create the illusion of sunshine.  i would say the Rug Show was hung by ‘colour’.  This rug was next to Cheryl Bollenbach’s ‘Memories’ (see last post); Arleen’s colourful floats, green shack and white w/grey shadows  match Cheryl’s flowers, quilt and man of the memory.   Really a great Rug Show… congratulations to Carrie Martin and her crew!  and all the Rug Artists, too.

View out back in Bird-in-Hand, PA

On Sunday morning, Brigitta, Julie and I headed downtown Lancaster for breakfast.  We found a local Coffee shop doing a brisk breakfast business and joined in for ‘baked oatmeal’ and fritattas along with our coffee.  We drove along the ‘old Philadelphia Turn Pike’ and stopped in Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse to do a little shopping.  i was keeping an eye out for a ‘horse and buggy’ and caught a glimpse of 2; they zoom by fast.

Beautiful produce and bird houses for sale.

i was sad that i was already burdened down with too much stuff for the trip home; the cauliflower looked delicious and i loved the whimsical birdhouses. 

Farmer's friends - Laura & Brigitta

This General Store had everything; hardware, cooking wares, antiques, produce, plants and gee-gaws!

Christ Church in old town Philadelphia

After a pleasant drive through Amish Farm country, we found our way to old town Philadelphia.  Parking the car, we realized we had 1 hour before we had to head back to the airport.  We saw Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin’s place, Christ Church, Betsy Ross’s place and Benjamin Franklin’s grave site.  it was a quick tour on foot with Julie leading the way. 

Laura munching her Philly Cheese Steak sandwich

of course, no trip to Philly is complete without a stop at one of the many Philly Cheese Steak eateries… we found Sonny’s!  It’s a lot… so i stuffed the other half in my purse and brought it home to my dear husband, Kirby.  He enjoyed it heated up by the Micro-wave… Amazing!



  1. Love that last picture especially. 🙂

  2. I really like “seeing” the rug show through your eyes. Can’t wait to read your comments on the show.

  3. funny what each of us sees at a rug show, eh? i was looking at someone else’s photos from ATHA and surprised to see rugs i hadn’t noticed. She did include a lot of rugs that were in the Vendor booths, which i did not take photos of. i’m not very methodical, so i miss some rugs for various reasons. i didn’t photograph any of the Magdelena Briner rugs, except for the one with Larry and Kathy… i liked them, but it was a busy area and they were large rugs. we photographers can get in the way sometimes.

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