Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 6, 2011

Rug Show at ATHA Biennial in Lancaster, PA 2011

'Memories' by Cheryl Bollenbach

Wow!  yes, i am amazed… this portrait by Cheryl Bollenbach has so many facets to it…  a Masterpiece, for sure!  it was fun meeting Cheryl, she attended my Thursday night class. 

Many Thanks to all the students on Thursday night; a learning experience for me and i hope a learning experience for all!  I got the Saturday class hooking right away, and i tried to fit in all my little lectures around the ‘face’ hooking.  i think it worked better… so thanks again!

Gemstones by Eric Sandberg

I was so happy to see this rug again!  Eric had it at Maryland Shores and i saw it up close.  it’s made with 3 strands of #3-cut wool looped at a time…!  the clear colours, the light values… it does sparkle like jewels!

'Two on Two' by Ann Davis

I love the light in this rug by Ann Davis;  i noticed it beckoning me from far away.  As i look closer, i love the little cow heads over the fence.  i’d like to hear the story behind this rug.

The Chalfonte by Ellen Savage

A beautiful place to have a rug camp; Cape May, NJ.  I’ll be teaching a class in the 1st week at Cape May; September 9-14, 2012.  It’s going to be a very fun trip, and i’ve heard that Cape May is a great camp!

Blue Star - Auction item?

i appologize for not knowing who hooked this wonderful rug; it was taken out of the show to be auctioned off, i believe.  i didn’t attend the auction, so i don’t know.  i love it’s simplicity of design and colour.  the plaid leaf veins provide a little sparkle and the 2 primary colours are strong and well balanced. Wow!

Larry and Kathy Clark at the ATHA Rug Show of Briner Rugs

It was great to see friends at the ATHA Rug Show; i was so glad to have a couple of days to hang out at the rug show.  The time went very fast, but i did see many friends.   Kathy loves hooking old fashioned rugs, so i wasn’t too surprised to find her and Larry in front of this section of the rug show.   Larry hooks rugs too, but he prefers fine-cut.

3 rugs on an End Panel

top rug: ‘Chicken’ by Eleanor Dunker, middle rug: ‘Crest’ by Catherine Kelly, bottom rug: ‘Love at the Oasis’ by Gail Becker.  The Rug Show panels were very nice; the dark grey was a good backdrop for our colourful rugs.  it seemed that they were easy to assemble and arrange however needed.  i watched them disassemble everything on Saturday afternoon; the vendors all shut down and moved out, the rugs were returned and the panels were taken apart and packed into flat boxes.  it seemed like a terrific system.  wish i could get a tiny bit of the system for my next event; Monterey Fiber Jam, at Asilomar!

Blue Moon by Laura Kenyon

 Another rug with great Light!  and this one is monochromatic without being obvious…

'Poppies and Daisies Up-Close' by Cyndra Mogayzel

 My room mate, Margaret Beardsley, was crazy about this rug!  i dont blame her; big and bold with delicious colour! 

'Verklempt' by Pris Buttler

Looks like Pris is having too much fun!   She’s playing around with Klimt designs, letting Gustav influence her in filling the canvas with this and that with gold sprinkled all around. 

'Halloween Hooligans' by Peggy Bloom

There were 5 0r 6 of this rug pattern, greeting us as we entered the ATHA Rug Show; this one was unique with it’s silouette treatment!  It seems like it’s noodley… that is left over cut wool… sorted… darks and medium lights.  Fun!

Red Rose by Gail Becker

Wow!  what wonderful Red to fall into…!  Gail’s response to the ATHA ‘Red’ Challenge was sold to lucky hooker, Janet Griffith.   it wasn’t marked with a red dot until Gail noticed.  Janet was lucky to be close at hand after the red dot was applied, declaring the little rug for sale.  i’m hoping Gail will share her technique at hooking this beautiful Red Rose, but on a much bigger scale.  i’d like to step into it, wouldn’t you. 

There were many more beautiful rugs…   lots of meetings, greetings and hugs…  good to get together, eh!


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