Posted by: laurawp | October 28, 2011

Trip to Vermont

Martha, Norma & Brigitta

Our first stop was an overnight at Brigitta’s sister’s place in Worster, Mass… pronounced Whusta with a bit of r over the top.  It was quite comical at the Boston Airport… trying to get all our suitcases into Martha’s new ‘Big’ car.  Martha and her family live in a sweet little home, previously owned by another family member. Norma came over for breakfast the next morning and told some of the old stories!  It was a wonderful start to our Whirlwind Holiday on our way to ATHA Biennial.  Later that morning, Martha drove us up to Manchester, NH Airport to pick up our car rental; from there, we drove up to Bradford, VT. to stay and visit with Martha and Brigitta’s mother, Susan Bradford.  Susan lives on Main Street and has her studio and gallery across the street.

beautiful leaves at Shelburne Museum - friends

The next day, we drove over to Burlington, met up with one of Brigitta’s college friends, toured part of Shelburne Museum, visited Anne Marie Littenberg, had lunch on Church street, then drove back to Bradford.  Brigitta talked the whole way… all the stories of growing up and going to college in Vermont.  it was a beautiful drive over in the morning and i finally started taking photos out the car window.  it was a good thing, since it started raining on our way home.

Brigitta, Laura, Anne Marie, Julie visit in Anne Marie's studio.

Tuesday, we visited the old homestead… on top of a hill… a beautiful spot with new and friendly owners.  They were harvesting potatoes from the garden.  When Brigitta talks about chores… you can imagine that they were never ending on this little slice of paradise… the views were beautiful enough to make you forget all the real work in running a little hilly farm.

Brigitta’s hill
Julie in front of the down hill view

That night we had dinner with  another college friend of Brigitta’s;  Anna and her family also live up on a hill, in a big rambling house.  It was very comfortable and I could imagine that the space is well utilized in the middle of winter. 

Julie, Anna & Brigitta

We got up early the next day to drive down to Lancaster, PA; a 9 hour drive.  We were looking forward to being ‘Leaf Peepers’, but the rain clouds made everything grey.  Just as we were getting close, a horse and buggy drove over an overpass.  Then we spotted a Mini-van with a rug hooker’s license plate; ‘Padulas’.  we waved and they waved back; we knew were getting close.  


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