Posted by: Laura Pierce | October 2, 2011

Evolving Design, a book of Rug Art by Emma Webber

'Evolving Design' by Emma Webber

My Mother, Emma Webber, and I have put together a second book of her Hooked Rugs; a smaller version that is also more affordable!  the 1st book was lots of fun, but extravagant!   We were able to include some of Emma’s latest rugs in this new version of her book of Hooked Rugs. 

Picassoette - by Emma Webber

Emma is also working on her 3rd book of memoirs.  The 1st one spans 1937 – 1946 and has received wild reviews; the romance, the adventures, the music and the War.   The 2nd one picks up where she left us; the move to Alaska.  it spans 1946 – 1962, from Oregon and Alaska to Terrace BC; then Berkeley and Petaluma in California.   We’re just about ready to take the 2nd one to the printer and hope to have copies ready by our Open House & Hook-in on November 19th, 2011.

CA postcard - Ducks at Shollenberger Park in Petaluma, CA

 Some of my CA postcards will be postcards and some will be little ‘paintings’; framed up in white.  The rugs are coming in a little big smaller than my white matt frames, so I’ll hook another row around… i like the red!  could be purple, but hey… red will spark things up!

i’m getting ready to go to ATHA Biennial… how about you?  with my 2 Portrait classes, i’m getting my skin swatches and spares organized and packed up.  when i pull the suitcases out of the closet… the weiner dudes will know… Laura’s on the road again!  Meanwhile, we’re having a late summer here in Sonoma County… and the weiner dudes were lounging in the garden today.

Lounging Weiner Dudes: Milo and Rufus



  1. Hi Laura;

    I have hooked some little post card and I was wondering how to put them on the cards? Do I just glue them on the card? Do I treat the backside just like you do for a pin?



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