Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 27, 2011

Too much Fun!

Morning view from Little River Inn Oct. 2008

Usually, we have beautiful weather during Little River Inn Rug Camp… you never know about that… but it’s a great place to be.  Everything you need is there… except cell phone service.  wifi – yes, cell phone – no.

i’m getting my LRI Rug Camp Booklets ready to print; i’m going to include a listing of Rug Show rugs and artists this year.  i’ve always made labels, so why not include a list too!

We do have some fabulous rugs  to show each year and enjoy surrounding ourselves with each others’ Rug Art!

A Wedding Rug by Pat Merikallio


it was a beautiful wedding in Maine!  illustrated in a story rug by Pat Merikallio!  All the family is there and a bag-piper too.  the little houses and boats set the scene while the border is pure Pat.

Martha Whelchel at the 1st LRI rug camp


Martha Whelchel came with 3 friends from Southern California for the 1st LRI rug camp, it was great having them join us and becoming friends.   Behind Martha is a display of my mother’s rugs; that first year we hung a 4 Artist Rug Show: Emma Webber, Nancy Miller Quigley, Susan Higgins & Laura Pierce.    Since then, we welcome all campers to bring rugs for the show and i’m usually hanging the show for a couple of days.  We transform  Abalone Hall into a hall of colour and laughter; many LRI employees stop by to admire our work!

But first, i’m going to ATHA Biennial in a few weeks and need to finish up my preparations for that!  When i get home from Biennial, i’ll have a week to get ready for LRI Rug Camp!  i’m so looking forward to it; my daughter Emma is coming along as my assistant and we’re planning on having ‘too much fun!’



  1. I’m looking forward to the Biennial and LRI!! Lucky me! We just returned tonight from my 55th (Junior) College Reunion, (which tells how old I am) in Banner Elk, NC…It is Lees-McRae College, now 4 years…each alumni is supposed to recruit a new student, so if you’re in the market for a college, …and like skiing or mountain biking in the beautiful mtns. of NC, (champion team in the USA!! -beat Stanford, etc.) ask me about it!
    Anyway, the surprise of it all is that we had SNOW on Saturday morning! That made for a very nostalgic reunion since we had lots of snow while there during the winter … it is in the Blue Ridge mountains at 4000 above sea level! One Alumni in our class was from “Old Cuba” now resides in Miami, and she was beside herself with excitement to see snow. Guess it was a special gift for Doris! But we nearly froze!!!! Glad to be home and to get my projects ready for the Biennial classes and LRI! Sarah

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