Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 7, 2011

Photo Portrait Artist – Ruth Scott

Laura Pierce & Emma Webber - Photo by Ruth Scott

It’s good to get an updated photo of oneself… especially when Ruth Scott is behind the camera!  She has a way of making you comfortable and reassured that the outcome will be good.  Of course, i’ve seen many of her portraits of rug hookers in BC.  I met Ruth in my Portrait Workshop in Victoria, BC this March.  She’s also an excellent rug hooker!

Ruth Scott next to a double cross rug by Emma Webber

I felt an instant bond with Ruth when i met her; something that seems to happen often since i took up Rug Hooking!  We find that we have many interests in common. 

Laura and Thomas (hooked)

Thomas was our favourite family cat; so when our guild had Elizabeth Black teach a couple of workshops, he was my subject.  I made the Thomas rug into a doll and he stays with my mother these days.

Rufus the beautiful dachshund

Ruth even took a beautiful portrait of Rufus!   Our other dachshund is Black and Tan and not one to hang around and get his portrait taken.  Ruth prefers natural light and manages quite well with it, checking a dozen details before snapping several photos; 1 will be perfect!



  1. Laura, How right you are the photos are great. You look lovely with your mom and your cat but Rufus stole the show.
    My Best, Donna

  2. ha! you’re right of course!

  3. Hi Laura, These portraits are wonderful. Ruth got your expressions just right–or are you guys just photogenic? Love the animals too.

  4. Ruth keeps shooting … until our expressions are just right. ha! She talks and persuades as she shoots… and you just relax.

  5. What lovely portraits, Laura, of you and your mother! You are both good photographers! I like your kind of cat…no feeding or litter box! I like my next door neighbor’s cat…a perfect situation…I get to enjoy seeing him but also none of the above! Sarah

  6. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for sharing your photos. Your dachshund is lovely. And you and your Mom aren’t bad either! I enjoy reading your blog.
    Janine Larson

  7. I forgot you had a dachshund named Rufus (mine was a smooth red and his name was spelled Rufous, after the rufous-sided Towhee).
    Looking forward to meeting you at Friends…I’ve requested you as my teacher. 😉

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