Posted by: laurawp | September 1, 2011

Portrait Rugs – Sunny and Sunnie

Sunnie's Dad - early days in Seattle

As you can imagine…. having Sunnie Andress in your class is an honour and a hoot!  I’m looking forward to meeting my cyber friend from Vermont.   She does faces… but they are for fun!   Here is a photograph of her Dad for her ATHA portrait project!

6x8" Pattern - Sunnie's Dad

I’m so glad Sunnie has decided to take my class at ATHA and do this Miniature of her Dad.   It’s a great sample of the fine-cut Impressionistic Portrait; 5×7″ oval in a 6×8″ frame.  i love wide-cut and usually hook wide-cut Impressionistic Portraits… but if it’s small enough, in fine-cut; it’s really the same process.  I’m looking forward to teaching my ‘Face’ classes at ATHA Biennial.


Al enjoying the outdoors - portrait subject

Al’s wife, Sunny Runnels, took my Portrait class in Victoria BC.  Of 2 choices, this was the photo to use,  a comfortable smile…

Al on tour

Sunny used #8 cut and hooked fast.  The face came together quickly; the background not so easy.  She added the background from a Holiday photo of a recent trip abroad.  The final result is a fabulous Hooked Portrait in a place with fond memories!



  1. Thanks for everything Laura, but especially for this post. I love the idea of placing the face on a different,memorable setting. Donna

    • you need to thank Sunny Runnels for that… it was her idea to make the background special. the hard part was changing the sunshine and shadows in her background to match the portrait… and she did it!

  2. Sunny did a great job on this portrait! I love the background too! What fun!
    I’m looking forward to the miniature portrait class… (thank you for the kind words) will be a really enjoyable experience and delightful to meet Laura. I have admired her beautiful rugs for years!!! Happy Hooking! Sunnie 😉

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