Posted by: laurawp | August 25, 2011

Portrait Projects in Miniature for ATHA Biennial 2011

Kids and Smores

Here’s the happy subject of Joan Garner’s project for one of the classes i’m teaching in Lancaster this coming October.   The faces are around 3″  tall, from forehead to chin, making them Miniature Faces.   i wanted to teach ‘wide-cut faces’, but realized that with 4 & 5 hour classes, the portraits would not get finished.  Miniatures do not have as much detail and are a quicker hook!  As a wide-cut hooker, i will share some of my wide-cut techniques in these fine-cut faces.   There will be a few students doing the bigger wide-cut portraits, and we’ll share both experiences.

Joan's pattern - 10x20 inches

i wonder which face Joan will start with?  I often have students doing multiple faces, but have found that we usually have to concentrate on 1 at a time.   As we will all start with the eyes, nose and mouth, Joan will probably put in these features on all 3 faces.  On the miniatures, the features are usually an end, a loop or 2 or 3 and an end.   a smidge here, a smidge there. 

Cheri with brother and sister

Here’s another trio of kids… all dressed up!  Cheri Reid is going to work on this group of faces in the miniature.   I’ve seen some of the big portraits that Cheri has hooked… and look forward to sharing the miniatures with her!

Oval pattern - 18x20 inches

This grouping lent itself to the Oval layout… I’m sure the Photographer was thinking about that.  Again, 3″ faces will be quick enough for our limited time in class.  I’d also like to work on some of the hands… expressive and challenging in fine cut!   Both of these projects will beg to be finished, i’m sure.

my first miniature - Little Mabel

speaking of hands… i was reminded of my first hooked portrait.  i started this rug in a workshop with Elizabeth Black in 2002.    ‘Little Mabel’ is also my 1st Celebration Winner!   I have many photographs of  Mabel, since her mother was a photographer in the 1800’s.  Mabel and Emmy were good subjects for their photographing mothers!


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