Posted by: Laura Pierce | August 23, 2011

Silk Threads in the Garden

Garden Spider in her web

We are walking slowly and keeping an eye out for spider webs that cross the pathways.  For some reason, there are lots of Garden Spiders everywhere these days; must be the season!   Without sun shining on the webs, you don’t even see them, but if you’re focusing your eyes into the expanse before you, you’ll usually see the spiders… all striped in yellow and brown.

Spider in the Sonoma County Fair flower display

i went back to the photos i took in August of last year and find… yes another Garden Spider.  This one was decorating a garden display at the Sonoma County Fair.  i suppose it came in with the plants, but it added a special realism to this outdoor space.

my question is; why do we refer to spiders as female?  are any of these magnificent web builders male spiders?

my other question is; can i make a spider web design that is not cute… perhaps there but not there…?  sophisticated and pleasing.  my thoughts turn to those Surface Designers with their quilts and stitches.  i do enjoy seeing the quilts at the Fair, since i’m there to demo rug hooking.  Quilts have definitely come off the bed!

colour boxes

i love boxes and colour… the golden centers synch the deal for me!

Snow flakes

Snow flakes and spider webs… related somehow.

more snow flakes

i only take photos of quilts that catch my eye.  Not being a quilt maker, i don’t really understand the intricacies of the process.

pieces of colour

yes… colour and geometrics… they make my heart sing!   i could go on and on… but there are other things to do… ha!



  1. Funny that you should write about garden spiders today…..I was just commenting to my co-workers of how I haven’t seen any this summer…..they say they are more abundant in the fall when it cools off…..can’t wait to spot my first one!

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