Posted by: Laura Pierce | August 22, 2011

More Studio Classes… by request!

Grapes Squares - a new pattern!

the sketch… the actual pattern is looking a little busy and little boring.  half way through copying the pattern to linen, i decide the vineyard view squares were making it too busy… so i stopped copying them.  the bottom half of the rug has blank squares and it’s rather boring.  guess i’ll have to use the colour plan to pull it all together!

i will make the vineyard landscapes sutble… and they’ll become background…?

Beautiful wool at my studio, a couple of years ago.

We’ve been having fun at the Studio Classes on Saturday mornings… a couple of new rug hookers have joined us, which is always fun!  Looks like Kirby is quite busy with the Moose and playing music in September, so I’ll be stuck in Petaluma for the next 6 weeks.   That means, i can schedule another 4-week class session; September 3, 17, 24 & October 1, Saturday morninings, 10am – noon.  

Come on down and join us for a Saturday Studio Class!  This last saturday, we spent some time in the Dye Kitchen!  we brought chairs out so people could sit, hook and watch… but soon everyone was in the kitchen.   i need to get a mirror hanging over the stove, so people can see what’s happening.  Next Saturday, we’ll talk about various ways to finish your rug.  i thought i would learn to sew on a wool edge, but the piece i was working on… wasn’t close enough to the hooking.  i pulled it out and am folding forward and whipping that edge.  aaah, my comfort zone!


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