Posted by: laurawp | August 21, 2011

Petaluma Author – Emma Webber

Emma & Jim in Galveston, TX, 1939

another photo to turn into a hooked portrait, eh?  Actually, it’s on the cover of my mother’s 1st memoir; “How was I to Know?” by Emma Webber.  It is her story about the 1st 10 years of Jim & Emma, a couple of kids out on an adventure before World War II.  They met at Ohio State in 1937, lived for the Big Band Dances while the world was crippled by the Depression and gripped in fear of impending war.  It’s a story that you’ll enjoy, full of adventure, struggles, Jazz and the War Years.  Emma will be downtown at Copperfields’ in Petaluma next Saturday, from 1:30 to 3:30pm, signing books; come join us!

John, Emma and Mary Latta, in progress

Meanwhile, i was at my studio looking for a suitable background for my latest Family Miniature when my friend, Chris Friedman, suggested my ‘Purple Haze’ spot; a wool she knows well.  I think it works, it goes nicely with the purple shadows.   i’m planning to give John a dark blue suit and may lighten up the bottom of Emma’s dress, it’s made of Burmese silk in a cream colour.



  1. You create great work! (I am just getting into rug hooking, but have so many artistic interests, I’m moving along slowly.) Your look just like your mom!

    • Tamara, you are very kind… thank you!

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