Posted by: laurawp | August 19, 2011

Miniature Portraits & Wide-cut Portraits

my mother with her parents; John, Emma & Mary Latta

I’m trying out some new linen; bleached and closely woven.  It works well for #3 cut, just a bit tight for #4 cut.  My mother is 93 and so excited to see me hook this  Miniature Trio; of her and her folks.  after situating their older 4 children in the Fanny Doane Home, they were a small family of 3.   their faces are 3″, 2″, 3″.    emma’s features have been too big… i keep pulling out loops, here and there. 

William Samuel Pierce - 1908

 a little Wide-cut … a regular size portrait of my husband’s grandfather, as a young man.  i started this in March, in Victoria, BC.  it got to that place… where it looked horrid and i couldn’t go on.  i didn’t have the confidence that i could recover.  recently, i realized it was just at that difficult stage… transition… just hook in the skin wool and Viola!  a face!     phew… i did get a 3 value swatch… and that helped out, plus the bit’s and snatches of wool… from here and there…  (guess i’ll have to move that chin dimple over a smidge)

i’m looking forward to teaching portraits at ATHA Biennial in Lancaster.  it’s my 2nd to the last gig for 2011.  it’s a tall order, teaching portraits in 4 or 5 hours.  it’s an intensive class, but i can tell the students are up to it!  Yaye!!





  1. You are so inspiring Laura! I might just have to revisit my two brothers and I on the wagon wheel merry-go-round that I started in a workshop at your house!

    • Hi Sharlene,
      i hope you will get back to that portrait project of you and your brothers! it represents a happy time and is perfect for miniatures.

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