Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 23, 2011

Rugs at Marin County Fair & Sonoma County Fair

We show our rugs at the county fairs to let the public know about Traditional Rug Hooking!  It is a bit of a hassle; finishing up our rugs, putting labels and hanging sleeves on them, spiffing them up for the competition!  We have to enter our items in the fair, and these days you can do that on line.  Then you have to take the rugs in at the appointed time, stand in line until a fair worker can receive your stuff. 

'Emma - Rug Artist' designed and hooked by Laura Pierce

But it can be worth all the running around… my little rug portrait of my mother, Emma, won Best of Show at the Marin Fair.  It also recieved a special award from The Marin Needle Arts Guild!  That made both of us feel good… regardless of the fact that there were only 2 Rug Hookers that entered rugs in the Marin Fair… (which is crazy!  the Marin Fair competition is open to everyone in the state of California!  They do a beautiful job of hanging the Fiber Arts together and have set aside a room for demonstrations!)   Emma has been making rugs for over 60 years and feels that braiding has kept her hands in good shape.   That’s why this particular photograph with her knarly rug making hand had to be a rug portrait. 

'Navajo' hooked by Laura Pierce

I’ve heard that my little ‘Navajo’ rug got Best of Show at Sonoma County Fair!  What a pleasant surprise… just a simple little rug, but a very fun hook.  This was my favourite rug from Western Teachers’ Workshop 2010; there’s always one that is too much fun.  ‘Navajo’ certainly fit the bill for me; a small mat, #8 cut, recycled wool, outline & fill!  Robin Price taught the class… she had us re-draw the pattern straight with the grain as needed and offered piles of many red and grey strips.  The white and black had no variation so I added the off-white from my own stash.  

Many thanks to our Rug Hooking Judges; we appreciate your expertise, time and travel!

The Sonoma County Fair starts on Wednesday, July 27, 2011.  Look for us in the Garrett Building; we’ll be there from 11am – 3 or 4pm, everyday except Mondays.  They’ve extended the fair to 3 weeks, but are closed on Mondays.



  1. That’s my mom: Best of Show. 🙂

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